Lead Times March 10 2014

As a very small operation, when I say we, I mean "I", build each piece with meticulous care and strict attention to detail. With this in mind, the lead times on products purchased from the store can vary from 1-6 weeks depending on the product.

Kiwi Series Fly Rods are built on a blank the must be shipped from Overseas, meaning, the lead times are dependent upon times to receive these particular components. So in translation, Kiwi Series Fly Rods have a 3 week minimum lead time from the time you purchase your item here to the time it is delivered to your door. 

I think you will be more than satisfied with your purchase when it arrives and you will be glad that you were able make accommodations on the time it took to get to you. 

Other factors also contribute to lead times such as the volume of orders I need to fulfill and in what particular time frames I receive these orders. For example, if in the month of August, I receive orders for 35 fly rods (of any series), all on the same day, the most I can fulfill is really 1 unit per day. This would translate to a 35 day lead time on the last customer order to be completed in that block of orders. 

I do not maintain a running inventory on fly rods. I build each unit as an order is placed for it. 

Also, I maintain strict guidelines on production quotas for each product. This means I have a set number of units to be produced within each calendar year, and once these quotas are met, the item will appear as SOLD OUT on the Riverworks Company website for this production year, and removed from our webstore. Pre-Orders will be available for customers wanting to purchase "sold out" items for the next production year.

I want to thank those who have shown an interest in my little company, I think I make some really cool products that will really enhance your fly fishing experience for years to come.